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Linda Hazel is here, who is an affectionate mom of her happy twins, software engineer & blogger.

 My angel babies are like flowers; I love treating them like they live in my paradise with adequate nourishment and comfort.

The prestigious childcare blog showcased my phenomenal writings which were medically reviewed by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN).

It’s because of keeping accuracy with current advice to ensure babies’ utmost comfort and balanced physical or mental development.

Here, I wrote most of the passionate letters with the best tips & tricks to my bosom friend Laura, who started her breastfeeding journey recently.

Perhaps it will be the go-to destination for guardians looking for real-world assistance and supervision.

Disclaimer :

I do not intend to prescribe advice, medical or otherwiseI declare the patronized info is general and only based on topics of interest to new parents.

Always consult your healthcare provider before making dietary changes during pregnancy or co-parenting.

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