Are Pregnancy Pillows Worth It? 22 Free Tips Resolved.

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Last month I talked about my bosom friend Laura, an expectant mother who enjoyed a pleasant boat trip with me.

I love her and know she struggled with discomfort during her pregnancy two months back. As she slept had become elusive, causing her exhaustion and frustration; hence, I suggested using an inflatable pregnancy pillow, per my prior experience.

Yeah, you might ask me,

Are pregnancy pillows worth it?

Attaining a comfortable resting position; will assist you in getting adequate sleep, relieving stress, and many benefits described below, dear moms!

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My blog concerns my practical experience with babies’ comfortable development processes and pure emotions, including my twins.

I hope you will get all your relevant queries below :

What Is A Pregnancy Pillow?

I have seen my acquaintance pregnant women become curious to know about this hot topic. For all your concerns, it’s nothing but sleeping accessories designed for would-be moms to extra care for upcoming babies.

The quality of sleep and reducing restless leg syndrome are essential for both mom and baby equally throughout the pregnancy journey.

Therefore, it also supports the changing bodies of expecting mothers and aids in maintaining proper postures during sleeping, sitting, or lounging.

Why Pregnancy Pillow? Are Pregnancy Pillows Worth It?

We, expectant mothers, sometimes go through awkward situations during pregnancy due to hormonal imbalances.

Most often, we vomit a lot, can’t want to eat, and on top of our mood swings; we are bored, laugh, or cry without any sensible reason.

Ensuring pregnancy pillows are worth it for giving extra support and comfort to the growing belly.

The Pregnancy Pillows are worth it for ensuring tremendous benefits and making comfort zone for the fetus inside the mother’s womb before birth.

What Is A Pregnancy Pillow Good For? Top 22 Benefits Hacks :

01 & 02 #

Improved Sleep Positioning & Relief from Varicose Veins:

  • It works amazingly throughout the pregnancy by maintaining a side-sleeping position, which is recommended for better blood circulation and optimal fetal development.
  • Uplifting the legs with the help of a pregnancy pillow can ease pressure on the veins and reduce the discomfort of varicose veins, a common occurrence during pregnancy.

03 & 04 #

Braxton Hicks Contractions Reliever & Support for Breastfeeding :

  • The body pillow supports the abdomen and helps decrease the intensity of Braxton Hicks contractions, relieving pregnant women.
  • By another name, you might define it as a nursing pillow, as it will provide immense care and affection for those mothers and babies babies during breastfeeding.

05 & 06 #

Reduced Tossing and Turning & Support for Recovery from Surgery:

  • The extended length of a regular pillow can help decrease the need to adjust positions constantly during sleep.
  • The u shaped pillow leads to fewer interruptions and a more good nights sleep of a restful night.
  • Rather than a traditional pillow, it’s working fine for those recovering from surgeries.
  • The multiple pillows can be used beyond the pregnancy wedge as it provides support and comfort while minimizing strain on the surgical site.
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Undeniably, it's
 beneficial for post
operative recoveries
 for individuals 
with innumerable 
medical conditions.

07 & 08 #

Prevention of Rolling Over & Pressure Of Sores:

  • Most of the Boppy Pregnancy Pillow are designed with a unique shape and firmness to prevent expecting moms from rolling onto their backs while sleeping, which is not recommended during pregnancy.
  • The memory foam pillow or hypoallergenic filling can help prevent the development of pressure sores by evenly distributing body weight and reducing friction on the skin. 

09 & 10 #

Improved Blood Circulation & Relief From Leg Cramps:

  • The best pregnancy pillow can help improve blood circulation by reducing pressure on blood vessels, especially when used to elevate the legs.
  • By elevating the legs and providing proper alignment, pregnancy pillows can help reduce the occurrence and intensity of leg cramps, a common issue during pregnancy.

11 & 12 #

Reduced Swelling or Pressure on Bladder  & Mitigation of Sciatica Pain:

  • The Hiccapop pregnancy pillow wedge will help reduce swelling and improve blood circulation by elevating the legs and feet.
  • By supporting the belly and elevating the upper body, the best pillow can help reduce pressure on the bladder and minimize the frequency of bathroom trips during the night.
  • The stomach sleepers care for the lower back and hips, helping lighten sciatica pain, which is quite natural during pregnancy.

13 & 14 #

Relief from Heartburn & Pregnancy Discomfort:

  • It can lighten common discomforts such as backaches, hip pain, and pelvic pressure by providing targeted support to the body.
  • Elevating the upper body with a pregnancy pillow can help alleviate heartburn, a common issue during pregnancy.

15 & 16 #

Proper Spinal Alignment for Side Sleeping & Reduced Pressure on Joints:

  • It helps uphold proper spinal alignment while sleeping on the side, reducing strain on the back and hips.
  • Side sleeping is often recommended for optimal blood flow and comfort to the entire body during pregnancy.
  • The bbhugme pregnancy pillow also evenly distributes the body’s weight, reducing joint pressure and relieving discomfort.

17& 18 #

Alleviation of Round Ligament Pain & Enhanced Recovery after Delivery:

  • The wedge shaped pillow supports the abdomen and reduces strain on the round ligaments, helping to lessen the discomfort associated with round ligament pain.
  • Using a pregnancy pillow postpartum can provide support and comfort during recovery, particularly for mums who have undergone C-sections or experienced body aches and pains.

19 & 20 #

Release from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) & Support for Growing Belly:

  • It can also help ease the discomfort associated with RLS by providing proper leg support and reducing the urge to move the legs.
  • As the belly grows, pregnancy pillows support and prevent strain on the abdominal muscles.

21 & 22 #

Support for Postpartum & Multiple Pregnancies:

  • It can continue to be useful postpartum, providing support during breastfeeding or as a comfortable cushion for the baby.
  • By benefits women carrying multiples or those who have had previous pregnancies, as they provide additional support for the growing belly and add strain to the body.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions) :

Question #1: Do Doctors Recommend Pregnancy Pillows?

Answer #1: Yes, my gynecologist, as well as Laura’s, recommended using Leachco Snoogle’s pregnancy support pillow.

Before taking a maternity pillow, checking your specific needs and medical history twice will be best.

And must consult a medical professional or an experienced Mom, as they will help you pick the most suitable type and shape of pregnancy pillow.

On a Serious Note: 
While doctors generally
 recommend pregnancy
 pillows, individual 
recommendations may
 vary based on each 
woman's unique
Question #2: Can my partner sleep in the bed with me and my pregnancy pillow?

Answer #2: Well, The answer might differ in different circumstances. And, Yes, your partner can sleep in the bed with you and your pregnancy pillow.

 Nevertheless, it ultimately depends on personal preference and comfort levels. Some pregnancy pillows are large enough to accommodate you and your partner, while others may be more suitable for a single individual.

 It’s significant to consider the size and shape of the bed, the size of the pregnancy pillow, and how it will affect your partner’s coziness.

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Long story short, I have tried to answer all your inquiry regarding the topic – are pregnancy pillows worth it, and I believe you will enjoy the topic much.

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