Can Babies Eat Kodiak Cakes? 10 Tips For Risks, Benefits, And Free Better Recipe.


If you are familiar with my blog, I hope you know my happy twins. Besides my part-time job and professional freelance writing career, I love sharing their development process.

I also care and ensure their nutrition facts, as it’s crucial for my kid’s development. Because babies undergo rapid growth and development during the first few years of life.

Most new parents became enthusiastic about innovative questions, such as : 

can babies eat Kodiak cakes?

I am here to provide authentic information to answer your doubts after my prolonged, effective research and experiences.

Can Babies Eat Kodiak Cakes? Write Top 10 Risks :

To jump to your question, first, I’d like to introduce what is a kodiak cake if you know nothing. It’s a well-recognized and prestigious brand offering pancake or waffle mix.

I assure you, these are a healthy combination of high-protein ingredients like whole grains and whey protein pancake isolate, such as wheat flour, nut butter, almond flour, and oat flour.

You can introduce 
and start with a small 
amount when they 
become adopted with
 solid foods and the 
age is over one year.

However, It may be used to prepare baby food if prepared properly, yet, it’s especially for adults.

I would love to recommend consulting with your pediatrician if you want to try something new recipe besides their suggested regular meal chart.

And also, for your crystal clear understanding, I am writing below the top 10 potential risks of introducing kodiak cake elements to a baby’s diet.

One # Both adults and babies have versatile tastebuds and nutritional expectations. A growing baby needs a certain amount of necessary nutrients.

The Kodiak pancake is popular among fitness enthusiasts and adults who want protein added to a healthy breakfast or meal plan. Hence, it contains protein powder that might not suit babies.

Two # Its variety of flavors, like vanilla extract, mixes a hearty, satisfying texture to adults but may not appeal to babies, leading to feeding difficulties.

Three # I am afraid babies with delicate digestive systems may face constipation or other complications in coping with strong elements such as high fiber.

Likewise, it can be seen as a shortcut to providing proper nutrition, leading to long-term health problems and poor eating habits in babies.

Four # Tooth decay and many more health issues for babies are one of the principal reasons for the presence of added sugar. And it’s the basic ingredient of making Kodiak mix traditional pancake, waffles, and muffin liners!

Five # The oat flour and whole grain ( element- gluten) in Kodiak Cake might cause allergic reactions in some babies sensitive to oats.

As babies need sophisticated food, rich ingredients might increase the risk of developing food allergies later in life.

Six # Say no preservatives and other additives for your babies, as they can cause harm in the long run.

Seven # High-calorie is one of the main reasons for obesity. Stop giving it in improper or excessive quantity; unfortunately, Kodiak cakes are full of high calories.

Eight # If you meal prep or feed it improperly, you will increase the risk of choking for babies.

Nine # If you don’t store it properly, the frozen waffle or frozen pancakes can become contaminated with harmful bacteria that can make babies sick.

Ten # On top, if you make your babies accustomed to Kodiak cake mixes’ flavor, it might collide with developing their taste preferences for authentic, regular healthy foods.

It's also indispensable
 to note that 
Kodiak Cakes mix
 contains chocolate 
chip and added sugars.

Some pretty ingredients of it, like peanut butter, maple syrup, melted butter, coconut oil, egg whites, almond milk, greek yogurt, etc., may not be suitable for babies.

Bonus Tip : 
You can try getting
 extra Nutrition when 
your babies are able
 to digest Kodiak cake.

 You can also make 
delicious baby snack
 recipes with it,
 including other risk-free
 food supplements. 

To make toppings, you can use fresh fruit or sugar-free ingredients. You must consult in detail with your pediatrician before trying new food for them.

On a Serious Note :

Making pregnant or breastfed moms well-balanced & nutritious dietary guidelines is significant as it’s directly related to the baby’s proper development.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) :

Question #1: Can I eat Kodiak cakes while pregnant?

Answer #1 : Kodiak cakes could be an amazing snack item or a healthier breakfast option for would-be moms because of their high nutritional value and convenience.

Pregnant women must uphold a balanced diet that includes vitamins, minerals, fiber, calcium, iron, carbohydrates, folic acid, protein, etc.

You can also try the versatile combination of mixed recipes like Kodiak cakes with pasta, pancake mixes, bread, oatmeal, and leafy greens like spinach, arugula, romaine, etc.

These ingredients are generally safe to consume during pregnancy, and all fantastic leafy vegetables will assist you and your upcoming baby in supplying all these nutrients to your diet.

Pregnant women might suffer many health risks due to pregnancy, like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

They need to do regular health check-ups, or consuming too many calories can lead to excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

 Question #2: Can babies eat protein pancakes and Kodiak Cubs waffles? When? Can Babies Have Syrup on Pancakes?

Answer #2 : While babies are mature enough to take solid food parallel with breastfeeding, you can try any nutritional food of little amount. The age requirements should be a minimum 8month to 1 year.

However, pancakes for babies are made of a rich combination of eggs, milk, and protein powder or whey protein.

Remember which quantities are all safe for babies to consume in moderation. Always monitor their allergic reactions or digestive issues while introducing the new food.

Also, avoid adding sweeteners or other ingredients like syrup to babies under one due to the risk of botulism that may harm a baby’s developing digestive system.

Instead, you can try 
serving your baby mashed
 or pureed fruits as a 
natural, healthier alternative
 to pancake syrup.

Question #3: What are the best ways to enjoy Kodiak Cakes?

Answer #3 : I mentioned earlier it’s a very well-renowned brand that offers a variety of pancakes, other evening snacks, breakfast foods, or waffle mixes.

The options are endless, and here we go to some possible ways you can enjoy Kodiak Cakes:

  • As traditional pancakes or waffles and in muffins or baked goods.
  • As a topping for yogurt, oatmeal, chocolate chips, apple sauce, and protein shakes or smoothies.
  • As a coating for chicken, fish, or green vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • As a flapjack topping with chia seeds, real butter, warm maple syrup, pumpkin patch, peanut butter, fresh fruits, or yogurt.

Question #4 : Can toddlers eat Kodiak pancakes, and can babies have protein powder?

Answer #4 : Sure, and I think I have given the answers to your last queries; hence, avoid repetition.

Question #5: What Are The Ingredients In Kodiak Cakes?

Answer #5 : It includes various flavored and typed products such as Muffin+ quick bread mixer, Granola, Toaster waffles, pancake + waffle mixes, Protein ball mix, etc.

Thus, the elements could be varied and depend on the actual product. Still, the core ingredients typically will be the same.

It includes wheat flour, non-fat dry milk,  and a combination of other grains such as oats, barley, rye, almond, protein powder, dried honey, egg whites, dried fruits, etc.

Question #6: Are Kodiak Cakes Healthier Than Regular Pancakes?

Answer #6 : The answer to the question might be tricky as it might vary depending on the specific product and how they are prepared.

However, they contain more protein than traditional pancakes. It offers the pancakes an extra boost of nutrition. It can be helpful for people looking to maintain a healthy diet or build muscle growth and repair.

Question #7: Is it necessary to refrigerate Kodiak Cakes?

Answer #7: Generally, Kodiak cakes are preserved as dry mix in a packet for a certain period until expiry. It’s not mandatory to store the packaged flapjack and waffle box dry mixes in the refrigerator. Either you don’t open them.

Still, you must refrigerate the leftovers when you cook them and add perishable ingredients such as milk, yogurt, syrup, eggs, etc.

To prevent spoilage, 
you must follow the 
storage instructions 
given on the 
packaging for the 
best quality and safety.

Can Toddlers Eat Kodiak Pancakes? Write Top Benefits :

Kodiak pancakes for toddlers will create extra nutritional value and, Yes, if cut into small, bite-sized pieces and served in appropriate portions. To look at a glance, I will write for you below the top 10 benefits :

One # High Protein :

These are high in protein, essential for growing toddlers, and help keep their bodies full or energized throughout the day.

Two # Nutritious & Rich in Fiber :

All the nutritional elements and dietary fiber sources aid digestion and promote heart health.

Three # Convenience and Versatility :

The making or cooking procedures are pretty simple. The easy-to-cook Kodiak Cakes are ideal for busy parents, caregivers, and professionals like me.

Also, you can customize the food with several toppings according to your toddler’s preference.

Four # All-Natural Ingredients & Low Sugar Content :

No harmful artificial preservatives are added here, and made with natural ingredients. Moreover, sugar content is relatively lower than other no-branded pancake mixes, making them unique and healthier for toddlers.

Five # Improves brain function & Decreases inflammation :

The antioxidant properties will help reduce inflammation, and whole grains improve cognitive function and memory.

Six # Tasty, Satisfactory, and Fun for Kids :

It’s a healthy and delicious option, so parents feel pure satisfaction for their kids. Most importantly, for their delicious and mouthwatering taste, kids became fond of it.

Seven # Boosts Energy levels, Easy to digest & Affordable :

It’s not so expensive, and most of us might afford it. Easily digestive and boost energy all day long, and reduces fatigue.

Eight # Low glycemic index and Gluten-free options :

Its effective ingredients might help regulate blood sugar levels. The presence of whole grains and green vegetables or fruits reduces bad cholesterol and risks of chronic diseases.

Recipe: How I  Make-Waffles-with-PancakeMix with Kodiak Cake: Easy Process :


2 cups Kodiak Cakes pancake mix

1 3/4 cups water

One egg or Two Eggs ( Depends)

Two tablespoons oil.


Initially, I preheat my waffle iron, which has basic norms. So, I  try my best to follow any reputed cooking channel video and the manufacturer’s directives.

Secondly, I take a large mixing bowl and later whisk together the Kodiak Cake pancake mix, water, egg, and oil until well combined.

Thirdly, Let the batter rest for about 5 minutes, scoop it into my preheated waffle iron, and cook per the written guidelines of user manual.

Fourthly, once the waffle is cooked, I naturally remove it from the iron stand and repeat the process until all the batter has been used.

Fifthly, serve the waffles hot with my kids’ favorite and allergic-free toppings. Naturally, I add mixed fresh fruit syrup, almonds, butter, etc.

 When I want to make
 the waffles to be 
crispier, I just add 
an extra tablespoon
 of oil to the batter. 

Also, when I want to make my waffles healthier, I will try substituting the oil with unsweetened applesauce or mashed bananas.

 How to Cut and Serve Pancakes for Babies?

Honestly, I didn’t serve pancakes to my babies at their early stages. When they became toddlers, I cut and served pancakes for them by following a few simple steps:

  • I ensure the pancake is cool enough before serving.
  • Then, Cut it into small, bite-sized pieces. You can use a kitchen knife or scissors; ensure washing all the utensils before use.
  • Later, serve the pancake pieces on a plate or in a bowl that is easy for my kids to hold.
  • I also have a small amount of non-allergic toppings on it, still love to use mixed fruit syrup.

Bonus Tip :

My happy twins enjoy my pancake recipes. Yet, all kids’ taste buds are not similar and must have different preferences. You can try another healthy option if they don’t like your topping.

If they don’t like it fully, there is no need to insist.

Try another nutritious supper snack like scrambled eggs and fruit puree or a healthy breakfast option based on their taste. 


After deep and effective research, I have tried to answer all your queries regarding whether can babies eat Kodiak cakes. Reading the blog, you can also Discover whether Kodiak cakes are safe for babies or not.

You will get the added advantage of an easy recipe for making a pancake with a Kodiak cake mix and the benefits. If you benefitted through this blog, feel free to comment below.

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